Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset to Launch Next Year

Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset

After years of development, Apple may begin mass-producing its mixed-reality headset in March 2023. According to sources from DigiTimes Asia, the headset could go into production in the first few months of 2019. It is expected to cost over $2,000.

According to the article, Pegatron, an Apple supplier, will begin mass-producing the device at the end of the first quarter of 2023, with anticipated low initial production output. The report predicts that Apple’s mixed-reality headset will ship “around 0.7 to 0.8 million units” every year.

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Apple has been working on a mixed-reality headset since 2015. The headgear will have ski goggles as its appearance. It will be lighter and thinner than the Quest Pro and made of “mesh textiles, metal, and glass.” When users put on the headset, a scan of their irises is performed for quick access to their accounts. The device will have a dedicated processor and two 8K displays with the highest resolution available, and its operating system, called “rOS,” will be based on the current iOS.

Apple’s XR “extended reality” headgear, which blends virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, has garnered much consumer interest. Earlier this year, trademark applications for the headset made by companies connected to Apple were discovered by Bloomberg in the US and other countries. The mixed-reality headset will compete directly with PlayStation VR 2 and Meta’s Quest Pro.

Meta’s Quest Pro was first unveiled in October and is now available for $1500. On the other hand, PlayStation VR2 will cost $550 when it launched early in 2019.

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