Apple is developing four separate smart home products, including a more expensive HomePod

Apple has been putting a lot of effort into researching and developing its four various smart home device types, which will also include a significant premium gadget like an Apple HomePod.

According to a recent source, this brand-new home device development has reached its official conclusion. It has big plans for the home device sector, which is currently being dominated by Amazon. What we do know is this:

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Apple working on Smart Home devices

According to reports, Apple has been developing new home appliances that will be sold under the HomePod brand. Here are the two HomePods, which contain both the normal HomePod and the smaller HomePod. According to reports, Apple’s new homepod gadgets will allegedly go on sale in the first part of the upcoming year.

Apple HomePod with Displays

Following the release of this new HomePod, It will work on two further HomePod models that will push the technology to its boundaries. This time, these HomePods will include a smart display built right inside the wireless speakers.

However, similar screens and home speakers have previously been created and released by Google and Amazon. This new display in the homepod may be used in the kitchen to learn how to cook and other things. The new home speaker will include a display that looks like an iPad, compatibility for Apple TV in its software, and the ability to switch on the camera in the living room.

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According to the Garman study, these new display homepods will be making their way to a formal introduction by the end of 2023 or in the first few months of 2024. There are currently no confirmed reports suggesting that Apple would officially introduce the homepods in the market; instead, the company is apparently working on their development.

Although these homepods will have to compete with existing well-liked smart home products from Google, Amazon, and even many other manufacturers, such as Lenovo, their popularity and sales will entirely depend on their debut cost. As soon as the details are officially confirmed, we’ll keep you informed with the most recent information.

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