Another Broken Record by The Model S Plaid of Tesla Draws a Reaction From Impressed Elon Musk

The Tesla Model S Plaid made another record,

that was recently shared on Instagram by the DragTimes. According to the company, the Model S Plaid can cover a quarter-mile pass within a tiem frame of 8.94 secs with a whopping speed of 156 mph. The Plaid on an average, can tackle the same distance in 9.23 seconds at 155 mph. This new record was set by the racer, user @situation_coyote. The new unofficial record is at least the second sub-9 second drag run to be reported in a Tesla Model S Plaid. In November, Tesla North reported that Christine Dodworth (@gtr_raceher) recorded 8.99 seconds.

Channel founder and host Brooks Weisblat shared the short clip of the same on the dragtimescom Instagram channel.

Though not of high quality, one might find themselves watching the video again and again just to listen to the spaceship like sound of the automobile. Responding to the queries regarding the modification of this model, the original owner, @situation_coyote commented that the car underwent modifications wherein “a lot of weight (was) taken off”. The original owner sold the car after 11,000 miles. After admitting that the car’s weight was removed, he also disclosed that the car’s tires were completely destroyed after the runs on the day it broke the record. The rear tires did not hole up after numerous passes on the track.Straight up, it is really impressive to see a five- seat four- door family sedan achieving these great numbers, and with more and more work, it is probable that the car will be able to cover the quarter-mile stretch even more quickly of Model S Plaid. “Still the fastest and first plaid in 8s,” they said on Instagram. “We ran this back in August. Knocking off an 8.94 with a lot of weight taken off the car. Still factory 21-inch tires and factory wheels. We actually shredded the rear factory tires from so many passes. These stock tires fail from the inside. Car is too heavy for the tires.”

Dodsworth’s husband George took to Instagram to comment on this, saying,

“First Tesla in the WORLD in the 8s! Congrats Christine @gtr_raceher !! We’ve been ready to make the attempt for a few months but between work and weather it was not possible. Elon! Do we have your attention yet?”

Zack, or the user @BLKMDL3 shared a screenshot from the Instagram post of DragTimes on Twitter. The tweet read “A Plaid Model S Plaid just set another record running a .94 second quarter mile time with a trap speed of 156 mph! Absolutely insane for a 4-door car. @elonmusk”.

This tweet drew out an impressed reaction from Elon Musk, who 30 mins after @BLKMDL3 tweeted, responded by saying, “Nice!”

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