Anna Faris Accuses Ivan Reitman

Reitman’s “reign of terror” on the set of My Super Ex-Girlfriend, which included yelling at her and slapping her, according to Faris on a podcast, left her feeling angry and ashamed.

According to Anna Faris, Ivan Reitman was allegedly violent and aggressive on the set of the 2006 rom-com My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

Anna Faris

Faris said that the director “slapped [her] ass” in public, “yelled” at her as part of a “reign of terror,” and left her feeling “angry, sad, and humiliated” on an episode of her podcast Anna Faris Is Unqualified, which featured Lena Dunham as a guest.

“Working with Ivan Reitman was one of my hardest film experiences,” stated Faris. I mean, under this reign of terror, he was a yeller and the concept of trying to produce a comedy. Every day, he would bring someone to justice. And I was there on my first day.

Faris stated that she could not respond to Reitman’s actions in response to Dunham’s assertion that she was not “the first person who’s reported that.” It was probably in 2006.

Faris had discussed the issue in a previous episode of her podcast without mentioning the involved director. Faris claimed that during film production, she was “performing a sequence where I was on a ladder, and I was supposed to be removing books off a shelf, and he smacked my ass in front of the crew so hard” in October 2017, not long after the #MeToo movement gained momentum with claims against Harvey Weinstein. And all I could manage was to laugh.

“I remember glancing around and seeing the crew workers saying, ‘Wait, what are you going to do about that?'” she continued. That seemed strange. And I did disregard it in that manner. Well, this isn’t a thing, I thought. It’s not a huge thing, you know. Be strong, Faris. I mean, chuckle. However, it made me feel inferior. To the lead man, he wouldn’t have behaved that way.

The same director had reportedly told Faris’ agent that she had been chosen for the movie in part due to her “beautiful legs,” according to Faris’ 2017 statement. Listen, that’s a fucking fantastic compliment, she said. My legs are nice. But that influenced how I felt about the project. In my opinion, the male protagonist didn’t get the job due to his amazing legs. As a result, I thought that I was hired according to these factors rather than [skill].

Reitman, the director of Twins, Kindergarten Cop, Ghostbusters, and Ghostbusters II, passed away in February.

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