Anime Heroes Who Were Born With Their Natural Powers

Anime has always been known for its wide array of characters. Anime heroes come from all kinds of backgrounds, so we put together a list of 10 anime superheroes born with their powers.

1. Naruto Uzumaki –

Naruto is an orphan who was taken in by the Konohagakure ninja clan, and he trained hard to become the Hokage. This led him to join Team 7, which was made up of powerful shinobi. He eventually became a member of Akatsuki, and later became the Seventh Hokage.

2. Kimetsu No Yaiba –

In this series, a young man named Yuragi takes up the mask of a demon hunter named Komachi to save his village from being destroyed. He later discovers that he can control demons using a shikai technique called the “Himiko Chameleon.”

3. Tsubasa Yonaga –

Yonaga is a transfer student at Hinata High School who lives on top of a volcano. While trying to protect her younger sister from bullies, she runs into a boy who can control the wind, which makes him a huge threat.

4. Yugi Muto –

Muto is a normal teen who has an evil twin brother named Seto Kaiba who also has a birthmark that marks him as the chosen one. While searching for his missing parents, Yugi meets Joey Wheeler, and the two become friends.

5. Kurama Otsutsuki –

Otsutsuki is a wolf-like animal who is the reincarnation of the god Susanoo, and his reincarnation is found by the village of Kamui. While searching for the missing reincarnation of his god, he ends up in modern-day Kamui.

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6. Jirou Taniguchi –

Taniguchi is a transfer student at Shirogane High School who is able to use his psychic powers to stop time and teleport people. Because of this, he is considered a criminal, and even a suspect in the murder of his family.

7. Shinkai Reito –

Reito is an average student at Sakurai High School who gains the ability to control the sea after a series of events lead to him dying and returning to life as a child.

8. Hikaru Shidou –

Shidou is a high school boy who is capable of controlling electricity, allowing him to use electricity to defeat his enemies. In the anime, he’s shown to be a huge fan of classic rock and is a skilled guitar player.

9. Makoto Shinkai –

Shinkai is the most well-known of the bunch. He is able to create clones of himself to fight off enemies and gain an advantage.

10. Kazuma Kamachi –

Kamachi is a young boy who is always dreaming about a mysterious place called “Starlia” that exists in his mind.

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