Andrew Tate Announces His Conversion To Islam

Kickboxer and internet sensation Andrew Tate, a contentious British-American, recently converted to Islam.

Andrew Tate

On Monday, October 24, Andrew Tate posted on the Gettr official account that he had converted to Islam.

“This is why I’m Muslim. Any Christian who believes in good and understands the true battle against evil must convert,” he wrote while announcing his religious conversion.

Andrew Tate’s Viral Video

Since Sunday, October 23, a video of Andrew Tate performing the Salah at a mosque in Dubai has gone viral on social media.

In a video, Tam Khan, a well-known MMA fighter, teaches Andrew how to pray in Dubai.

Tam Khan, a Hollywood actor, well-known martial artist, and successful businessman based in the United Arab Emirates, posted Tate’s prayer video on his social networking accounts on Saturday. He added the comment, “Praise be to God,” which drew a lot of attention and the admiration of thousands of followers.

Tama Khan’s Explanation

Khan provided a detailed explanation of his participation in the video. He wrote in a lengthy response, “Brother Andrew is very sincere, and his heart is with Islam. Let me clarify a few things. Why did I record us pray? Because it helps to post positivity,” highlighting the fact that it was Tate’s first time praying.

He emphasized how what they did was a means of inspiring young children not to feel ashamed of practicing their religion and praying.

Kate Andrew’s Other Controversies

In 2022, Kate rose to fame on social media after feminists and others denounced him as a “misogynist” for his remarks on how the public treats women.

Due to his misogynistic remarks, many social media platforms expelled Tate in August 2022. These platforms included Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter.

Following his exclusion from several social media sites, Tate rose to the top among men on Google in July and August 2022.

“A woman’s place is the home, she cannot drive, and she is the man’s property” is one of Tate’s most famous and contentious statements. The victim of a rape, in his opinion, “should bear the responsibility.”

Apart from this, according to reports, Andrew Tate had an American woman imprisoned at his house.

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