Amid allegations of sexual advances from a film producer, “Stranger Things” star Grace Van Dien is allegedly “turning down acting projects.”

Grace Van Dien, the breakout star of “Stranger Things,” is speaking up about a negative experience she had recently on a set that has made her pick her acting roles more carefully.

Van Dien, who portrayed Chrissy Cunningham on the most recent season of “Stranger Things,” announced in a Twitch stream on Tuesday that she had declined four movie jobs in the past two and a half weeks and will be spending more time streaming.

The truth is, the last few projects I’ve worked on haven’t been the best for me because of some of the individuals I had to work with, Van Dien said. “Here’s the problem, I have seen that some people are disappointed with me for turning down acting gigs and choosing to stream more,” he said.

Grace Van Dien is allegedly “turning down acting projects.”

Then, according to her, a director made unwanted passes towards her while they were filming.

According to Van Dien, “one of the producers wanted me to… like, he hired a girl that he was sleeping with and then he had her ask me to have a threesome with them” in one of the most recent films he had directed. That’s my boss, then. Then I didn’t, I sobbed, and I was furious. Nonetheless, when people inquire as to how streaming is beneficial for one’s mental health, Exactly how. I don’t have to have sex with my boss since I get to stay at home and play video games instead.

Van Dien continued, saying that although she is sticking with streaming right now, she aspires to return to the entertainment industry soon and on her terms.

She declared, “I’m content here, and I’m working on my initiatives. “I’m hoping that someone decides to sponsor them because then I can control my own set, and I’m not going to beg my actors to sleep with me,” the author said.

Besides “Stranger Things,” Van Dien recently had appearances in “V for Vengeance” and “What Comes Around,” both of which were chosen for the Toronto Film Festival.

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