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The amalgamation of Traditional Finance and Cryptocurrency

Traditional finance and the new age of digital currency have been existing in their own spheres in the past. Every sphere has its own existence, rules and regulations, and people engaged in either rarely got the chance to apply the knowledge of one sphere to the next, or vice versa. However, the two worlds have started to merge- bits of features of both the spheres merging and this article helps you to explore them. But before this, let us talk about the niches concerned briefly.

Traditional finance

refers to the methods used for a long. It includes methods like loans, creating accounts in banks, FDs, etc. This niche has investors who take rational and deliberate decisions. This field is also called normative since they are the most familiar niche to many. Cryptocurrency, however, is the newer, more digital form of investing which came up with the rising age of digitalization.

With cryptocurrency, the biggest thing to take note of is the same newness and immaturity since it is a budding industry. This is where traditional finance with its maturity and security comes in. Traditional finance being as old as 600 years, definitely possesses a few tricks that are necessary to provide the required stability to this 13-year-old industry. With new projects like NFTs, Defi, IDOs, etc., they have to be made long-term and incorporated in today’s world. But with the new foundation, comes the insecurity of the reliability of crypto.

This is where the role of traditional finance specialists come in. The understanding of age-old techniques that are successful among the masses, if applied to crypto, will be bound to create a new and successful financial paradigm. Traditional finance possesses the knowledge to address some of the biggest loopholes in the budding niche. Let’s say, that an average crypto investor may not notice the holes in the armour of cryptocurrency, but experts in traditional finance will be quick enough to notice it. Hence, the application of these techniques is a must to assure the flourishing of a niche that will become dominating in the near future, not only by efficient techniques but also by assuring their users of its safety.

However, this merging has to take in a way that does not overshadow either of the niches and ensure that they both can exist peacefully, learning from each other and yet being there with their own unique traits for the users to choose freely without any tensions.

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