After visiting the massacre scene, Kamala Harris asserts that the United States must take action to reduce gun violence.

On Tuesday, Vice President Kamala Harris travelled to the Illinois city where seven people lost their lives in a Fourth of July parade shooting. She told locals that “as a country, we’ve got to be smarter” about who has access to what, especially assault weapons.

Standing close to the scene of the slaughter that took place a day earlier, Harris remarked, “There’s no doubt that this event is going to stay with trauma. “I want to strongly recommend that all of the families and people get the help they so richly need. We are there to support you and stand by you.”

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In order to deliver a speech at the National Education Association’s annual convention, Harris was expected to be in Chicago. Harris bemoaned how “yesterday should have been a day to gather together with family and friends to celebrate our nation’s freedom” in her speech.

She substituted Highland Park “endured a brutal tragedy. Victims of a senseless gun violence incident include children, parents, and grandparents.”

Harris also brought up another recent tragedy during the speech: the Uvalde, Texas elementary school massacre in May. In that incident, 19 children and two teachers died.

She said that educators shouldn’t have to practise securing a classroom. “It shouldn’t be necessary for teachers to be trained in gunshot wound care. Additionally, instructors should not be informed that having a gun would have saved lives.”

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After the shooting in Uvalde, lawmakers were under enormous pressure to take action against gun violence. As a result, a rare piece of bipartisan legislation was passed that toughened background checks and makes it simpler to seize firearms from people who are deemed dangerous.

Harris declared, “We have made some progress. But we must exert more effort.

Harris then left for Highland Park, which is located around 30 miles north of downtown Chicago. She had a brief meeting with Nancy Rotering, the mayor of the city, and with police officers. The vice president assured them that the 30,000-person metropolis will receive the necessary resources from the federal government.

The incident, which happened during Highland Park’s annual Fourth of July parade, was still being investigated, local police said.

Police detained a suspect they described as Robert E. Crimo III, 21, of Highwood, Illinois, just hours after the assault. Seven counts of first-degree murder have been brought against Crimo in relation to the incident. According to police, Crimo shot at least 70 rounds from a business building’s rooftop at the crowd. The barrage of gunshots damaged more than 30 persons.

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