After taking a DNA test, Ali Fedotowsky explains she learned she had a HALF-SISTER. and her father had no idea!

It’s “so weird how life can change so suddenly,” Ali Fedotowsky said of her recent connection with her half-sister Tonya Gloria, adding that she had no idea of her sibling’s existence a year prior.

The 37-year-old The Bachelorette alum wrote on Instagram that she had “the best few days” with Gloria, her husband Sonny, and her two nephews, who are “all people [she] didn’t even know existed just one year ago.” Gloria, Sonny, and the nephews are “all people [she] didn’t even know existed,” the writer added.

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“I think I told you guys this before, but I’ve always desired a bigger family and I feel like my wish came true,” the Williamstown, Massachusetts native said alongside a gallery of images from the encounter.

The reality actress, who has two kids with her husband Kevin Manno, 38, Molly, 5, and Riley, 4, said she wanted to share “the narrative” of how she met Gloria since “so many” of her followers had inquired about it.

Fedotowsky claimed that in order to “learn more about” her grandmother Molly, in honour of whom she named her daughter, she “decided to undergo a DNA test.”

She stated that she was not seeking for a relative because she believed she was familiar with everyone in her immediate family.

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In fact, I was so preoccupied with finding out information about my grandma that I failed to notice that someone appeared under “Close family” in my search results. I believe I may have seen it a day or two later and assumed she must be a first cousin. I was extremely busy caring for two very young children at the time, so I promised myself I would return to it, but I simply forgot.

According to Fedotowsky, Gloria “had also taken a DNA test and she got notified to the fact that she matched with” her. ‘ A close relative indicated that I was her grandmother, aunt, or half-sibling, according to the document she opened.

Gloria contacted her father after seeing “a bunch of bachelorette bullshit” when she Googled her name, according to Fedotowsky, and “he connected us.”

The first time Fedotowsky saw her half-sister, she called it “the biggest blessing ever.” She also said she “took the test, never looking for a sister or expecting to discover one,” and she is “so delighted” she did.

The television personality claimed that her sister is “funny, laid-back, [and] down to earth” and that “even if [she] wasn’t [her] sibling,” she would want to be friends with her.

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Fedotowsky continued to talk about the meeting on her Instagram Stories, mentioning how she had dropped off her sister and her family at the airport.

Because she “really genuinely wanted to be there and get to know her without interruptions,” she claimed she didn’t post a lot about their meeting on social media.

While they were still dating, Fedotowsky claimed she had hoped to share the story with Gloria on social media, but ‘time simply slipped away’ from them.

After making an appearance on season 14 of The Bachelor earlier that year, Fedotowsky went on to star in season six of The Bachelorette in 2010.

While continuing to retain a significant online presence, she later went on to serve as a correspondent for E! and made an appearance in the 2013 Woody Allen film Blue Jasmine.

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