After supporting an anti-abortion group, the owner of Tinder stops making political donations.

After receiving criticism for assisting a Republican organization that seeks to restrict access to abortion, Match Group, the maker of popular dating apps like Tinder and Hinge, has ended its involvement in political lobbying.

After Popular Information reported that the corporation had given a $137,000 gift to the Republican Attorneys General Association, the company’s chief executive, Bernard Kim, announced the organization has ceased sponsoring the organization.

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Additionally, it announced that it would stop giving to the Democratic Attorneys General Association, which is the party’s counterpart.

In an internal message to staff members of the company, which the New York Times on Thursday acquired, Kim stated, “It’s my obligation to evaluate how these gifts fit into our overall lobbying activities and determine what we will do moving ahead.”

Match Group has been a vocal supporter of the right to an abortion, particularly in the wake of the supreme court’s decision in June. The business revealed on Tuesday that it would give customers the option to display a “pro-choice” label in their profile. Through in-app advertisements, Match Group additionally contributes to and Planned Parenthood.

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When Texas passed a law banning abortions after six weeks in September, the business declared it would offer reproductive care coverage. This covers travel and lodging expenses for full- and part-time staff, independent contractors, and their eligible dependents, as well as a companion, who must travel outside of Texas to receive abortion care.

Many businesses, including Amazon, Disney, and Apple, promised to pay for travel expenses for employees who live in states where the practice is now prohibited so they can stop pregnancies after the US supreme court overturned nearly 50 years of federal abortion rights.

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