After CCI order Google pauses enforcement of proprietary billing system in India

Google, the dominant search engine company, has been forced to postpone the implementation of a rule that would force app developers to use its exclusive billing system for the sale of digital goods.

Previously, Google, a division of Alphabet Inc., had extended the deadline of October 31 for Indian application developers to integrate their programmes with the Google Play billing system, which in turn charges a 15%–30% commission on each sale made.

However, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) ordered Google India last week to stop preventing app developers from using additional online payment methods or bill payment services. Additionally, Google India was fined $113 million (936.44 crore) by the Indian antitrust commission for placing this limitation. The tech giant was charged with monopolising the Play Store market to push its payment app through an integrated payment mechanism.

Google announced on Tuesday that while it would be considering its legal options in India, the obligation to use its unique billing system would stay in effect in other nations. Reuters previously reported that Google was considering filing a lawsuit to overturn a particular CCI decision that demanded a change in how it approached the Android operating system. Google has received a warning from the commission to stop and stop such unfair commercial practises.

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