According to fresh research, Johnny Depp’s popularity has dropped since he won the Amber Heard trial.

Following his court triumph against ex-wife Amber Heard in a high-profile defamation trial, Johnny Depp’s popularity among US adults has dwindled.

In a 2018 Washington Post op-ed, Depp sued Heard for $50 million (£40 million) for purportedly claiming he assaulted her. She counterclaimed for $100 million (£80 million).

On June 1, the jury ruled in favour of Depp, finding Heard guilty for defamation after six weeks of testimony and three days of deliberation.

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The enormous popularity of the Pirates of the Caribbean star on social media during and after the trial portrayed a picture of increased favorability for Depp, but the statistics tells a different story.

According to data gathered by Morning Consult, Depp’s popularity plummeted dramatically after the trial, especially among baby boomers and men.

According to a poll conducted in April, 68 percent of US adults hold “extremely” or “somewhat” favourable views of Depp. In June, however, this figure had plummeted to 56%.

Depp’s favorability among baby boomers has dropped from 59 percent in April to 37 percent in June.

Depp’s popularity among younger respondents appears to have remained fairly unchanged, with only a two-point drop among Gen Z adults from April’s 72 percent.

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Millennials followed a similar pattern, with only a 6% drop from April to June, from 78 percent to 72 percent.

Men’s favourable views of Depp fell from 67 percent in April to 52 percent in June. With only a nine-point drop in women’s opinions, there was a lesser drop in men’s opinions.

The actor’s popularity dropped the most among Democrats, from 70% to 55%, while it dropped the least among independents, from 68% to 55%. The number of Republicans who support the president has plummeted from 65 percent to 57 percent.

Regardless of the evidence, Depp continues to advance in his career. He recently revealed two new songs on fame’s hazards from his upcoming joint album, 18, with Jeff Beck, which is set to be released on July 15th.

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