A Step-By-Step Guide to Use A Poll On WhatsApp

Poll On WhatsApp

One of the reasons WhatsApp is so prevalent in so many countries is its feature-rich communication capabilities, which include voice calls, video calls, and business listings, in addition to chats. The app is also well-recognised for regularly adding new features; one of the most recent additions was support for polls and voting.

The feature is beneficial and straightforward to use when you need it. Here’s how to run polls on WhatsApp and encourage your friends and family to vote.

Both one-on-one and group conversations include the polling option, but the latter is the one where it makes the most sense to use it.

To use it, open the group or personal chat window where you wish to conduct the poll, then touch on the attachment symbol to the right of the text field. You typically use this button to attach images, other files, and documents.

You should see a new ‘Poll’ option if you have updated the most recent version of WhatsApp. When you tap it, WhatsApp starts creating polls. You can include your primary question and other options on the next page. There may be two to twelve alternatives available.

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You can rearrange your poll options after adding your question and all of your selections by clicking on one of the three horizontal bar icons to the right of each selection. Press the three-bar button next to the appropriate option and drag it up or down until it is in the desired position on the list to move any option up or down.

Once everything is finished, press the send button to send the poll to an individual or group chat.

Now that other chat participants can vote for their preferred option, you and the other participants can see who selected which option. The poll’s creator may participate in the voting process themselves. You can delete the poll as you would a regular message if it is no longer needed, either for yourself or everyone.

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