A New Mad Queen Was Created by House of the Dragon, But She Is Far More Tragic

Alicent Hightower has unquestionably been portrayed sympathetically in HBO’s House of the Dragon. She was exploited by her cunning father, Otto, who was the Hand of the King at the time, to marry King Viserys for Otto to increase his position. But as Viserys let Otto go, Alicent understood she was up against a brick wall. Alicent knew that once Princess Rhaenyra ascended to the throne, she and her children would be in danger because she feuded with the princess.

Ser Criston Cole encouraged Alicent to be more assertive, which caused Alicent to have a tougher edge. Larys Strong was even her own Littlefinger, allowing Otto to take over as Hand once more. All of this continued to mould Alicent into a paranoid, vindictive queen. Yet, even though Episode 7 destroyed her and gave birth to a new Mad Queen, her eventual course remains acceptable.

The pursuit of the Iron Throne consumed Daenerys.

On Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen served as the first Mad Queen decades earlier. But she was more conceited, fixated on the Iron Throne. Fans viewed her as a villain since she set fire to the Red Keep and the residents of King’s Landing, enjoying the show of terror rather than just protecting what she believed to be her inheritance.

Drogon melted the throne after Jon Snow killed her because this was a far cry from the liberator she had claimed to be. Daenerys may have made intelligent decisions later, but her anger was still unacceptable. Ultimately, she transformed into the monster she despised, acting as judge, jury, and executioner toward some innocent men, women, and children.

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Alicent is consumed by the need to protect her children.

Since her father forced Alicent into this power struggle when she was a teenager, Alicent’s situation is even more terrible. She was only breeding material to provide Viserys heirs and Otto with a family connection to the throne, as demonstrated by the horrifying incident in which she slept with the king. The result was that Alicent became violent to protect herself. As Otto had forewarned her, Rhaenyra might sever their lineage to keep secret the fact that her children were Harwin’s and not Leanor Velaryon’s. When Alicent leapt towards Rhaenyra to cut her, everything erupted. She demanded Lucerys’ eye in retaliation for stabbing her son Aemond, but when it was met with resistance, she turned to Rhaenyra for blood.

She might not have been aware of the entire extent of Aemond’s insults directed at Harwin and Rhaenyra, as she had learnt from Criston, but a mother cannot stand by helplessly as her son is injured with no consequences. Alicent believed House Hightower had been dealt a blow because no one seemed to respect her family. Ser Criston’s inability to catch Lucerys’ sight proved that she would never have any influence unless her blood were on the throne.

Alicent’s journey into madness ought to arouse sympathy and understanding in addition to consternation. She’s not a spoiled brat throwing a fit because she was forced into this world. She is trying to regain control of her life since she is trapped. She also worries that Rhaenyra and her allies will kill her children, especially the firstborn Aegon if Rhaenyra succeeds in the Iron Throne.

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