A God of War fan learns that Hraezlyr’s body deteriorates with time

There are many epic battles and memorable boss fights in God of War, but none are as monumental as the conflict between Kratos and Hraezlyr. Hraezlyr receives a severe beating, gets one of his teeth taken from him, and is then left for dead on the side of a mountain, just like everybody else Kratos encounters. I’m sorry, Hraezlyr, but the electric arrows were worth it.

As one God of War fan revealed to the game’s subreddit, Hraezlyr’s corpse degrades as you advance more profound in the game, so it turns out not many God of War fans have returned to his body – either to brag or pay honour to one of the series’ best boss encounters.

The body of Hraezlyr is depicted here after Kratos and Atreus set off Fimbul Winter and the beginning of Ragnarok, and it is clearly in pretty bad shape.

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Hraezlyr’s skull not only appears much more worn and grey but also seems as though someone has come by and taken the rest of his teeth. That is probably to be expected, though, given that dragon teeth are a precious resource and that a few cunning dwarves are eager to acquire the best materials to advance their craft.

You never know; this might be a slight foreshadowing of what might occur in God of War: Ragnarok, which releases next month. It was recently announced that there would be just under a dozen different factions that Kratos and Atreus will encounter on their voyage; it is uncertain, though, whether they will be friends or enemies.

Additionally, we learned that Raganrok will take an average player 40 hours to complete and that there will be numerous beheadings and profanity-filled dialogue. It appears that Brok is still active.

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