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A good news for pokemon Go lovers. Pokemon scarlet and violet are just about to get release. Release dates are not confirmed yet but this indicated that we will be witness various leaks.

In recent part that their have been some leaks from paldea region pokedesk. Just like littile pokemon coin which was spotted in some unlikely places some other concepts related to new pokemon have been confirmed by addition trailers, still few ramins under the suspicion which haven’t been comfirmed yet.

“Coin” was discovered by pokemon minors from the files of the games. It wasn’t that surprising to find this pokemon on the files of mobile game but as we all know new pokemons are first added in the flagship games and then made available in the pokemon go. Ignoring all this how can we forget to talk about this cute little pokemon wearing a coin on it’s back.

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According to some of the leaked sources to help this pokemon evolve, we would have to collect coins around tha map. It is placed at #1080 in the pokedesk which after evolution will go to #1081. Previously during the game play footage scarlet and violet trailer accidently included 3 additional pokemon on it’s mini map so this is not the first time we have seen coin. S

ome of the sharp eyes viewers even noticed some pokemons around the corner of the of them was even able to recognize one of the hidden pokemon as “coin”.who knows this might be the next pokemon in the upcoming pokemon trailer.we have met soo many of the pokemons , the most recent one is the ghost dog greavardand the electric frog bellibolt.we have seen some new additions to the paldean pokedex and are still waiting for more.

Our wait would be soon over.the release date for pokemon scarlet and violet is November 18.the gen 9 versions will be arriving on Nintendo switch on nov,18.

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