A $60 million chateau with European influences is the most expensive house in Texas.

According to agency Icon Global, which is representing the home, a Houston residence modelled after European chateaus has revealed its asking price: $60 million, making it the most expensive residential property currently on the market in Texas.

The off-market offering is unquestionably more expensive than those listed on the Multiple Listing Service. According to Zillow, a Dallas mansion asking $43 million is the most expensive publicly listed residence in the Lone Star State. The Houston mansion, also referred to as the Lodge in Hunters Creek, costs around 28% less than that.

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According to the property website, the 2005 house offers over 22,000 square feet of living area and is situated on 9 acres close to the Buffalo Bayou and Houston Country Club. In March 2021, it was briefly available without a price but was shortly taken off the market. Last week, the $60 million ask was made public.

According to Bernard Uechtritz, founder of Icon Global, other custom homes in Houston typically cost around $30 million. “It’s a big price for Houston, it’s a big price for Texas—or really anywhere,” he said. He declared, “This is a house and an estate that resembles a chateau and a castle.” “Built to European standards,” it says.

This comprises a 12- to 14-inch walled Indian limestone exterior, hand-carved woodwork, wrought-iron accents, and well-kept gardens. There are paths that lead down to the bayou, which encircles the mansion’s three sides like a moat. On the other side is the country club.

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According to Mr. Uechtritz, the property places a high priority on privacy and security, which is reflected in its own secured gate. Due to the fact that “the type of people that can afford this and that would buy this are usually people that also demand a lot of privacy,” he continued, many of its features have been kept a secret.

However, he said that there are numerous bedrooms, reception areas, a family kitchen, as well as kitchens for workers and caterers. There is also an elevator, a pool, a cabana, a private office, and enough parking space for a car collection. On the opposite side of the land is a second home with 3,500 square feet and a pool.

Mansion Global was unable to determine the amount paid for the underlying asset when it last traded in 1999. The vendor declined to provide a statement.

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