7 Big Companies That Hire Remote Work-ers

Remote work is no longer a remote possibility.

Even though remote work was widespread before the pandemic, it truly took off during the lockdowns. In reality, many managers and human resources departments were opposed to the idea of remote work for a very long time. If workers had laptops at home or on a beach, would they truly complete their work there? It turned out that they would, so the issue is no longer debatable.

A survey by U.S. News & World Report of 200 organisations in the technology, digital media, and financial services sector revealed that 77% of them provide remote employment options. Actually, less than 2% of people cannot work remotely.

Keeping that in mind, here are 20 notable firms who hire remote workers.

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Activision Blizzard Inc.

Headquarters: Santa Monica, California
Employees: 9,800 employees
What the company is: Activision Blizzard specializes in creating video games. You’ve likely heard of some of their creations – Candy Crush, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Overwatch, among others.

The company employs software developers in addition to specialists in finance, IT, sales, supply chain management, legal, and other fields. They have locations all over the globe. Many employees don’t work remotely, but others do. However, the company’s culture appears to be shifting more and more in favour of working remotely. The opportunity for all employees to work remotely was one of the demands made during a protest that took place earlier this year.

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Headquarters: San Jose, California
Employees: 25,998
What the company is: Adobe is a computer software company. If you do a lot of office work on computers, you’ve probably used or heard of some of Adobe’s software, like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Engineers, designers, salespeople, customer service representatives, and experts in finance and operations make up the company’s workforce. Adobe is in the midst of a remote worker revolution, just like many other businesses. The career you want may require working in an office, but that is becoming less and less likely. “We intend to double the size of our remote worker community over time as we learn and iterate on making this model successful,” a writer on an Adobe blog stated last year.

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Headquarters: Sydney, Australia
Employees: 8,179
What the company is: The company develops products primarily for software developers and project managers.

The company offers remote job options and employs engineers, product managers, analysts, data scientists, IT professionals, security engineers, and more. You would anticipate the corporation to offer some remote employment options given that it produces many items that facilitate employee remote work. They do, too, boy.

Atlassian implemented a “Team Anywhere” policy in 2020. If you work for the company and are in a same time zone, you are free to live in any city or nation where the company has operations. Only four times a year are you required to visit the office.

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Headquarters: San Rafael, California
Employees: 12,600
What the company is: Autodesk makes software products and services for a number of industries, including architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing and entertainment. They have offices around the world, including five in the United States.

The company’s remote work strategy is quite accommodating and flexible. There are employees who work from home, hybrid employees, and office-based personnel, but even those with office-based jobs—those whose primary location is the office—are permitted to work remotely up to 20% of the time.

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Headquarters: New York City
Employees: 18,400
What the company is: It’s an investment management company, a home to portfolio managers, fixed income traders, compliance officers and software engineers, among other professions.

Employees can often work remotely for up to two days under the present rules. However, the company’s CEO Larry Fink suggested in a letter to staff at the beginning of 2022 that the policy might change. He stated, among other things: “Companies expected employees to report to work five days a week. … In the workplace, mental health was rarely brought up. … And the wages of low- and middle-class workers scarcely increased. That world has vanished.

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Headquarters: New York City
Employees: 223,400
What the company is: It is a financial services and investment bank company. You may have a Citibank credit card in your wallet; it is one of the nation’s oldest banks. Bankers, product managers, and customer service agents are just a few of the professions you might anticipate working at Citigroup.

Additionally, if you work for Citigroup, you might occasionally do so from home. The majority of the company’s employees will be permitted to work as hybrid staffers, spending three days each week in the office and two days at home, it was revealed in March 2021.

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Headquarters: Armonk, New York
Employees: 282,100
What the company is: It’s a highly respected technology company that has been around since 1911. There are numerous careers at IBM, in everything from research to sales and software development to much, much more.

Earlier this year, IBM’s CEO, Arvind Krishna, stated at the Aspen Ideas Festival that only approximately 20% of IBM’s American employees are in the office for three days or more per week. IBM had remote workers long before it was fashionable. While more people might eventually end up working at an IBM location, assuming the pandemic subsides, Krishna said that remote working is generally here to stay.

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