6 Top Popular video game from the 2000s with a thriving community

Hello friends today we will talking about 6 Top Popular video game. While creating a video game can be challenging, playing one can be enjoyable and straightforward. A development team handles the writing, designing, animation, and other cutting-edge technology when creating a game. To compete with some of the top games on the market, they must also create excellent gaming mechanics, excellent levels, and grand narratives.

But getting all these factors to work together to produce an outstanding experience is the most challenging problem. Some games are pretty good at it, while others aren’t. A select few games succeed at it so well that players stick with them for years. Here are a few illustrations.

Second Life

When Second Life launched in 2003, it allowed users to fulfil their fantasies in an online setting. Although Second Life is an online multimedia platform, it is more of a massively multiplayer online role-playing game where users aren’t necessarily playing to achieve a specific goal.

This 19-year-old game still maintains a thriving community in 2022, and it just claimed to have about 64.7 million platform users who are actively playing it. The fact that Second Life is entirely free to use is its best feature.

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Grand Theft Auto 4

Grand Theft Auto 4 was released 14 years ago, which is incredible, given how modern it appears. Rockstar Games accomplished an outstanding job in 2008 that still shines in 2022, from the plot to the physics system and overall technology. Undoubtedly, individuals continue to play Grand Theft Auto 4 solely to explore Liberty City’s beautiful dynamic world.

Many users still have the game installed on their hard drives due mainly to the game’s abundance of mods and vibrant modding community.

Left 4 Dead 2

In the first-person shooter game Left 4 Dead 2, players must battle zombies to advance through the narrative. The Valve game swiftly gained popularity among players after its first release in 2009 for many reasons. The game is a co-op title featuring a variety of competitive modes and difficulty settings to start.

Second, the Left 4 Dead 2 modding community is active and constantly creates new gameplay modes for players to enjoy. As a result, this thirteen-year-old game is still strong today and has between 35,000 and 50,000 active players per day on Steam.

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When the first version of Quake was released in 1996, it was one of the first arena shooters to achieve massive popularity. This id Software game has enjoyed tremendous success over the years. Quake 2, Quake 3 Arena, Quake 4, the famed Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, and Quake Champions are just a few of the successors that it has inspired.

The original game, however, is still regarded as one of the best in the series and is frequently played by gamers worldwide. Recent updates to Quake also include the brand-new “Dimension of the Machine” expansion pack.

Team Fortress 2

Since Team Fortress 2 has been one of the most played Valve multiplayer games on Steam for the past fifteen years, it doesn’t need an introduction. When it was first released in 2007, this first-person shooter game quickly rose to the top of its category. Team Fortress 2 is still functional and broadly playable in terms of gameplay.

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The graphics stand out because of Valve’s excellent art direction, which still appears contemporary. However, the game’s ever-expanding community is what keeps gamers interested.


One of the first popular massively multiplayer online role-playing games is EverQuest. Given that they released it in different territories, it is also one of the few titles where the names Ubisoft and Sony Online Entertainment appear right next to one another. EverQuest is a fantasy-themed RPG game at its heart that became well-known for utilising 3D graphics in the early 2000s.

After 20 years since its release, people continue to play it because of the enjoyable gameplay. EverQuest once boasted more than “82,000 monthly active players,” according to Wikipedia.

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