5 video game characters with cruel endings

These video game characters came to an unjustifiably harsh conclusion to their adventures.

 Players frequently anticipate a successful outcome for their favorite characters because completing most games takes time and work. Sadly, this isn’t always the case because some games feature endings that feel less fitting than players might have anticipated. 

By the end of a game’s story, most characters will embark on a trip to fulfil their objectives, albeit not all of them will be successful. While some people will pass away long before achieving their ambitions, others will succeed yet still suffer a horrible demise. Many characters experience misfortunes like this, although some suffer worse than others. 

Mordin Solus-Mass Effect 3 

Scientist Mordin Solus, a salarian, has dedicated most of his life to promoting krogan equality. His peers consider him one of their most honourable members since he is as quick-witted as he is educated. 

In Mass Effect 3, Mordin gave his life to ensure the krogans got the genophage treatment, demonstrating his commitment to the cause. Before being consumed in flames and leaving the franchise, he smiles one final time. He committed his entire life to the cause, which he ultimately won. It’s heartbreakingly sad that he’ll never see the results of his actions. 

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Tidus-Final Fantasy 10 

Tidus was the top blitzball player for the Zanarkand Abes before coming to Spira. He led a very tranquil life, but Sin’s assault on the city caused him to settle in a different country. He sets off on a mission to ensure Yuna vanquishes the monster that destroyed Tidus’s home in the hopes of getting home. 

He discovers his actual mission in Tidus’s vision just before reaching the Zanarkand ruins. Tidus is a dream that Yu Yevon concocted. Even though he knows that killing Yu Yevon will result in his demise, he chooses to go on his journey to save his buddies. Tidus sacrificed a lot to keep the Spira people safe, but they punished him. 

Joshua Washington-Until Dawn

 In the first scene of Until Dawn, Josh loses his sisters in a snowstorm. Josh chooses to have a party in his family’s isolated home on Blackwood Mountain after a year has passed, even though he is still grieving. As much as they can, his buddies come back to celebrate, but it soon becomes evident that they aren’t the only ones. Josh eventually admits that he planned many games for his visitors.

 It is clear that the death of his sisters has somewhat driven him insane, but things worsen when he is taken hostage and bitten by a wendigo. Even though his activities were dubious, he didn’t deserve for his tale to come to such a tragic conclusion. 

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9S-NieR: Automata 

NieR: Automata centres on a group of androids. They are on a mission to purge the world of all artificial life. The YoRHa-made androids 9S and 2B each have a different task to safeguard the world, but only 2B is aware of YoRHa’s ultimate goal. However, his commander dispels 9S’s assumption that people who had lived on the planet looked for refuge on the moon. 

The combination of this information and the passing of 2B causes 9S to go insane and get vindictive. He loses his life while fighting A2 and hurts himself with his sword atop the Tower. How he passes away is brutal, but perhaps more so is how his life spins out of control. 

Sora-Kingdom Hearts 3 

After defeating Xehanort and bringing back all of his victims, Sora was overdue for a vacation. Unfortunately, the conclusion of Kingdom Hearts 3 revealed that Sora had overstepped his limits regarding time travel. He, therefore, vanished from this universe.

 Until this point in Kingdom Hearts, Sora’s only goal was keeping his companions safe. He succeeds in doing this, but the method he uses to do so makes him disappear. Because Sora never made a malicious attempt to use his abilities, his punishment already feels harsh.

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