5 Planets align in the June sky

According to sources, five planets can be seen with the naked eye during the month of June.

The American Astronomical Society’s Sky & Telescope journal reports that viewers can see Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn — in their natural order from the sun – throughout the month, with Mercury being easier to notice later.

The last time the five naked-eye planets were visible in sequence was in December 2004, according to the monthly magazine.

The crescent moon will join the increasingly spaced out planetary procession on the morning of the 23rd, according to NASA.

The celestial show on the eastern horizon will be visible for an hour before the rising light washes it out.

The gathering, however, is beginning to disintegrate, according to NASA.

It added, “The gathering of four naked-eye planets we’ve been enjoying in the morning sky for the past few months — including multiple close conjunctions – is beginning to break up.”

“Over the following few months, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus will become further dispersed across the morning sky — to the point that Venus and Saturn will cease to be morning objects for most observers by September,” it said.

The planets will line up again in 2040, according to Diana Hannikainen, Observing editor at Sky & Telescope.

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