5 Game Characters Not Date in Real Life, All About Them Here

Video game creators spend a lot of work creating compelling characters for their games. A cast of characters typically travels with players as they set out on quests in fantastical worlds or trek into the far reaches of space, supporting them along the way. These characters, whether they are the protagonist or non-playable characters (NPC), can truly stand out in their games, to the extent that players frequently have actual connections with and investment in the fictitious characters they engage with during their journeys.

Here are some video game characters you might want to think twice about asking out.

Game Characters Not Date

Samus Aran

One of the most enduring characters in video game history is Samus Aran. She’s a badass, a universal hero, and she likes to dress in tight clothing and show off her curves. It makes natural that players would find much to appreciate in Samus and could assume that she could make a suitable spouse given her bravery throughout the “Metroid” series.

Samus, however, is also guilty of many heinous crimes. Samus appears to be willing to do anything to accomplish her objectives, including committing genocide and grave robbing. Additionally, she would only be able to spend time with her love interest if they joined in galactic gallivanting. This would be highly risky, requiring her companion to be able to combat Samus clones, avoid deadly diseases, and even kill (or at the very least flee from) enormous bosses.

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Bella Goth

Players can create their characters and live out their own lives in “The Sims,” but the games also have pre-made Sims that appear throughout the series. Bella Goth is the most well-known of these, and there are strong reasons for this. She is not just stunning, but also well-off, self-assured, and smart to back it up. She is a well-known movie star in addition to being an excellent researcher in “The Sims 4.”

Dating Bella Goth presents difficulties since she is still a Sim despite all of her positive attributes

. She thus has very little free will, according to this. Her partners would have to look after her and meet her needs at all times. If a love interest ever neglected this aspect, she might experience bad outcomes like starvation, drowning in a pool, or going to the bathroom on the floor.

Duke Nukem

The case for why anyone would ever want to date Duke Nukem is quite difficult to establish. He may be very physically strong and has repeatedly prevented extraterrestrial invasions, but he is also a horrible jerk and a sexist. Therefore, Duke’s ability to find dates—even in his games—is rather peculiar.

Duke’s misogyny goes so deep that it came to the surface in “Duke Nukem Forever’s” multiplayer in an infamous gaming incident that went too far. The game mode in question involved two teams competing for the attention of ladies wearing skimpy clothing. Duke Nukem has a reputation for getting on players’ nerves, even if his romantic partner could manage to get past his awful views toward women. He is overbearingly cocky, constantly utters one-liners that fall flat, and only wants to kill aliens and smoke cigars.

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Solid Snake

Nearly all of Solid Snake’s qualities are enticing. He seems like a wonderful mate because of his gruff voice, preference for tight suits, fantastic body, and regular rescuing of the world. There is no question that Snake would be able to defend a person he loves from anything that could endanger them, therefore one would never have to worry about not feeling safe. However, caring for Snake and his unavoidable PTSD from all of the war he has witnessed comes at a high cost in exchange for those skills.

Snake’s companions would have to spend a lot of time alone at home while he was away on missions, potentially even perish, in addition to suffering from PTSD. Additionally, he would be unable to divulge many details about his activities or any issues with his significant other. Snake’s career would be extremely complicated to follow even if he did decide to tell his partner about it because of the series’ muddled timeline.


Steve, the default “Minecraft” character, has had a surge to prominence along with the game and has grown to be so well-known that he was unexpectedly requested to join the roster of “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.” Despite his position, I wouldn’t advise dating Steve. If someone ended up being Steve’s significant other, they would have to let him move in with them or live with him in the woods.

A person who decided to relocate to the bush would have to work continually for everything, including a basic supper. To destroy anything, they would have to hit them, which would break most people’s knuckles, all the while avoiding zombies and creepers at all times. But it wouldn’t be much better if Steve moved in with his partner. To rearrange the bedroom, Steve would break the bed out of habit. His raucous chewing would echo off the apartment’s walls and be loud enough to provoke anyone. Who knows if Steve would even be willing to just watch Netflix or go see a movie?

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