5 Best Platformers for Gamers That You Must Try

Best Platformers for Gamers


LittleBigPlanet caused more controversy among audiences and critics than any other game. With realistic graphics, advanced physics, and the capability for an entire community to contribute their content and exponentially extend the game’s life, it is clear that this game was innovative for its time.

LittleBigPlanet’s goals have yet to be fully achieved by any game, not even the series’ follow-ups. This game would light up the world with a broader and more inventive audience if it received a remaster from its modest beginnings.

Psychonauts 2

The complexity of Psychonauts 2 is where its brilliance rests. Games that try to represent mental states using symbols can sometimes appear clumsy. The phrase “shot the brain sprite” is archaic and, to be honest, insulting to the intelligence of gamers. However, adults and children who use the Xbox Series X/S can enjoy the gameplay.

Everyone can see the beauty in the analogies, and the characters don’t even need to say it out loud. The fact that the game has a precisely balanced challenge and reward doesn’t hurt, in addition to the lovely storytelling in this medium.

Dead Cells

Many so-called “roguelike” games are rogue-lite games that let players advance a little bit each time until they can finally get enough power to win. With a permadeath feature that requires players to restart from scratch, Dead Cell is an actual roguelike.

This would be a concern if the game were less fun. It pays off to learn the abilities and collect cells on every run. Even though they will be reset, gathering cells feels much more important than collecting coins. Dead Cells is closer to the conclusion and makes a great starting point for those unfamiliar with the genre.

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Fun Meat Boy

To keep the experience fresh, platformers employ a variety of entertaining tricks. They frequently introduce humorous tales, silly characters, or more challenging foes. Super Meat Boy, however, makes the most of this literal meaning because the platform is the platformer’s primary focus.

The players will jump from one safety to another. As each excellent chapter is written, the windows on these safe locations get smaller. Ultimately, only the most ardent platform game enthusiasts with the best hand-eye coordination can claim victory.

Shovel Knight

How many people have played a Mario game but have yet to play Shovel Knight is astounding. With its vibrant visuals and upbeat music, Shovel Knight is undoubtedly the spiritual heir to the old-school platformers as Mario moved in a 3D route.

Playing this, one of the greatest modern retro games is sure to make you smile. Older gamers may find it nostalgic, but younger audiences will find it a fantastic game with inventive moves and interesting foes to battle.

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