20 famous actors who are almost tough to collaborate with

Although we may admire their talent on the big screen, they are a misery to work with. Abuse of drugs, rudeness, being late all the time, having a fiery temper, and diva tantrums… meet the 20 movie stars who are frequently difficult to be around and nearly impossible to work with!

Russell Crowe

He is an actor with his own method who has high expectations for both himself and others, according to all the directors with whom he has collaborated. When he insists that his watch always show the correct time or when he practically questions every single line, his perfectionism can be annoying.

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Steven Seagal

He unzipped his pants in front of Portia de Rossi while stating that co-stars needed to have “chemistry,” he enjoys boasting about a variety of topics, some of which are just plain untrue, and he views women as inanimate objects with breasts. Without a question, Steven Seagal is not the most well-liked actor in the world, particularly among women.

Lindsay Lohan

When The Canyons was aired, the New York Times published a number of unflattering filming accounts about Lindsay Lohan that described her demanding and erratic behaviour. In Vanity Fair, the producer succinctly stated: “It’s just the price of her skill.” And during one of her sequences, she actually did ask the entire cast to strip off!

Chevy Chase

The former comedy sensation from the 1980s had a fantastic comeback on Community. Chase lost his position, nevertheless, as a result of his numerous confrontations with the sitcom’s creator Dan Harmon and his co-star Joel McHale (especially as a result of Chase’s racist remarks).

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Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson was formerly on the Hollywood blacklist, however he may now be on the road to redemption. He ended himself there because of his binge drinking, offensive remarks towards women and Jews, and physical assault of his ex-wife Oksana Grigorieva.

Charlie Sheen

The “bad kid” of Hollywood is already well-known for his exploits. However, it appears that working with him is as awful. Selma Blair, his co-star in Anger Management, said of him: “He’s a nuisance to work with.”

Sharon Stone

Although Stone’s publicist may dispute it, the directors and one of the Italian actresses who worked on A Golden Boy believed Stone to be a true diva. She reportedly even used the production credit card to make a Bulgari purchase!

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Christian Bale

Christian Bale, a perfectionist, detests being sidetracked while he films. Just ask Shane Hurlbut, who was a target of the actor’s fury while serving as the film’s director of photography. Even video of the streaming of his temper rage online!

Bruce Willis

Director and screenwriter Kevin Smith spoke extensively about working with Bruce Willis on Cop Out in a podcast interview. “It crushed my soul. I received zero assistance from this guy.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts has acknowledged it herself in an interview: I used to be a “selfish little brat!” Even Steven Spielberg, who gave her the set moniker Tinkerhell!, stated that he didn’t want to collaborate with her once more after Hook. We’ll just say the actress had some food for thought.

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Alec Baldwin

For his co-stars and directors, Alec Baldwin doesn’t exactly make things simple. He is prone to rage fits and is incapable of memorising his lines in advance. After a scandal over some homophobic statements went out, he even made the decision to temporarily step away from the spotlight, according to what he told Vulture.

William Shatner

As Scotty, James Doohan, has previously stated, “I wanted to thump him on more than one occasion.” On the set of the Star Trek movie series, William Shatner created a lot of enemies. After becoming tired of Shatner’s constant threats, Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) briefly considered leaving the series.

Mike Myers

He is pleasant and humorous on television. However, according to actress Amy Hill, he is a diva on set who avoids interacting with others by hiding in his trailer.

Edward Norton

Because he is so determined to have his way with everything, Edward Norton even rewrote a significant portion of The Incredible Hulk because he didn’t like the script. His perfectionism borders on the manic.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston appears to be considerably different backstage than she is on-screen: Apparently, she doesn’t like to socialise much on location. She avoids conversation, likes to eat alone, and positions her trailer as far away from other people as she can.

Shannen Doherty

Shannen Doherty has reconciled with her former co-stars when she revealed she had cancer in 2015. But she gained a reputation for having a short fuse and not getting along with her coworkers during the time of Beverly Hills, 90210 and Charmed (especially Jennie Garth and Alyssa Milano).

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Wesley Snipes

The A.V. Club interview with Patton Oswalt revealed that Blade: Trinity’s filming wasn’t a simple process. Wesley Snipes used marijuana inside of his trailer and only spoke with director David Goyer via Post-it notes with the words “from Blade” on them.

Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando offered to improvise the entire movie in The Island of Dr. Moreau, one of his final productions, rather than learning his lines. The actor reportedly just opened the door for the pizza delivery man and would not leave his trailer, according to screenwriter Ron Hutchinson. The movie, according to the scriptwriter, was a “$40M train crash.”

Michael Pitt

When your agent no longer even represents you… Michael Pitt (of Boardwalk Empire) experienced this in 2011, when his agent, United Talent Agency, fired him due to his “very difficult on set and otherwise” behaviour.

Val Kilmer

‘Impossible’ and ‘childish’ Val Kilmer’s reputation isn’t exactly praised. Even the director John Frankenheimer declared that they would never collaborate again.

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