10 Actors in Superhero Films Who Should Have Been Nominated For Oscars

The Academy has a love-hate relationship with superhero films. While several have made it and gotten nominations, the Academy has rarely given superhero films Oscars for anything other than visual effects. Those who have been nominated have always played a villain.

If the Academy could get past the stigma of “it’s a superhero movie,” they’d find that the genre has a lot of great performances. Many films are adored by audiences because of the actors or actresses who play their favorite heroes. Hopefully, the Academy will take superhero film performances more seriously in the future.

Logan (Hugh Jackman)

Hugh Jackman, who had been playing Logan/Wolverine for seventeen years, opted to retire the claws following the Oscar-nominated Logan. Jackman has always stated that this would be his final film before to filming, and it shows in his outstanding performance.

While Jackman has always been fantastic as Wolverine, his performance in Logan took him to areas he hadn’t gone in previous X-Men films. Fans saw the toll that years of violence and sadness had had on Logan, and Jackman played it to perfection as a Wolverine who was at the end of his ropes but yet had one last battle in him. His dedication and commitment to the role of Wolverine will not be forgotten any time soon.

Patrick Stewart- Logan

Not to be outdone, Patrick Stewart’s performance as Charles Xavier in Logan was possibly his best of his career. Stewart’s Charles is in his nineties, and his mind is becoming increasingly unstable, which is bad news for someone with the world’s most powerful brain.

The film is carried by Xavier’s tense relationship with Logan, and audiences can sense how lost Xavier was after everything he had done for mutantkind. Charles is tragically slain by Logan’s clone X-24, as he clings to his hope of escaping with Logan and no longer harming anyone. Stewart’s speech explaining what transpired in Westchester is one of the best in the entire X-Men franchise.

Spider-Man: No Way Home (Willem Dafoe)

When Marvel announced that fan-favorite villains from previous Spider-Man films will return in Spider-Man: No Way Home, including Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborn/The Green Goblin, fans were ecstatic. Surprisingly, or perhaps not so surprising after a second viewing, Osborn turns out to be the film’s main villain.

Osborn deceives everyone into believing he wants to be treated, but the truth finally comes out. Osborn is to blame for the death of Aunt May and for making Peter regret his efforts to aid the baddies. When Osborn is ultimately cured at the end of the film, the pure dread on his face when he understands what he has done is all that is required for fans to understand the strength of Dafoe’s portrayal. With that wicked smirk and familiar cackling, it’s evident that Dafoe can transition into either of Norman’s identities at any point in Spider-Man and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Black Panther’s Michael B. Jordan

When Black Panther was released in 2018, it was a huge hit and a global phenomenon. T’Challa is challenged for the throne by his cousin Killmonger as he takes over as King of Wakanda. Killmonger, played by Michael B. Jordan, was hailed as one of the best villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date. With all of the Oscar nominations and wins that Black Panther has garnered, it’s a sad Jordan didn’t get a Best Supporting Actor nomination.

Killmonger makes his way back to Wakanda to reclaim what he believes is rightly his. Viewers observed a man with noble intentions who went about it in a devious way. He wants people downtrodden like himself to rise up by imposing a dark tyranny on Wakanda. Jordan is fantastic in the character, and has a remarkable death scene in which he chooses to die rather than be saved, saying, “Bury me in the water, among my forefathers who jumped from ships because they realised death was better than bondage.”

Spider-Man 2’s Alfred Molina

The sad past of Doctor Otto Octavius, alias Doc Ock, is revealed in Spider-Man 2. Octavius is attached to four mechanical tentacles that drive him insane after a botched experiment that murders his wife. He vows vengeance on Spider-Man, whom he accuses of interfering with his research.

Alfred Molina gave an outstanding performance in the picture. He demonstrated how a lovely, compassionate man may be driven insane by his desire for achievement. He also redeems himself by sacrificing himself before causing any more damage to New York City at the end of the film. Molina is widely recognised as one of the best villain portrayals in the genre, adding to Spider-Man 2’s esteem. Bringing him back years later in Spider-Man: No Way Home was probably an easy decision.

Avengers: Endgame – Robert Downey Jr.

Without a doubt, Robert Downey Jr. is Iron Man. The MCU as we know it began with his pitch-perfect casting in Iron Man. Fans were wondering which of their favourite characters would survive Avengers: Endgame. Tony Stark, on the other hand, would not.

Downey Jr. had a flawless exit from a role he had honed for eleven years. Stark is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save the universe from Thanos, and the MCU will never be the same again. While Downey Jr. is no longer with us, his legacy lives on through a number of characters, including Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

Batman played by Jack Nicholson.

With Batman, Tim Burton launched the Batman franchise, casting Jack Nicholson as Batman’s arch-nemesis, the Joker. The Joker, played by Jack Nicholson, established the bar for villainous depictions in the countless superhero films that followed. His Joker had a personal link to Batman as well: he was the assassin who killed Thomas and Martha Wayne.

Nicolson’s superb performance is often overshadowed by Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscar-winning depictions of the Joker, but Nicholson was excellent in his own right. His Joker, a perfect blend of maniacal and comedic, set a high bar for others who came after him. He also holds the distinction of being the only villain in a Batman film, owing to Nicholson’s ability to dominate a whole film.

J.K. Simmons- Spider-Man

J. Jonah Jameson is a one-of-a-kind figure. The owner of the Daily Bugle, a loudmouth, wants to eliminate the “threat” known as Spider-Man. Fans immediately accepted J.K. Simmons as the only actor who could play Jameson after seeing him perform. In Spider-Man: Far From Home, he even reprised the role as a new version of the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Simmons performs the character with snark and an overbearing presence, and his performance is immediately remembered by the audience. As a result of his popularity in the part, Simmons went on to voice Jameson in a number of animated shows, including The Simpsons. Of course, a live-action actor’s popularity seldom translates to playing a character in an animated picture, but Simmons has a strong hold on the role.

Ryan Reynolds- Deadpool

While the Academy has traditionally refused to approve superhero pictures, it is equally difficult for comedy to receive their due. This is why Ryan Reynolds’ excellent performance as the eponymous character in Deadpool has absolutely little chance of being nominated. Reynolds, on the other hand, gets Deadpool to a tee, and his improvised scenes are among the funniest in a superhero film. Reynolds did, however, receive a Golden Globe nomination for the part.

Reynolds’ commitment to the role derived from his experience in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, where the character was nothing like his comic book counterpart. Reynolds (supposedly) leaked the test footage himself in order to generate interest in the picture, which went on to become a huge hit with two sequels.

Michael Caine- Batman Begins

In The Dark Knight Trilogy, Sir Michael Caine’s Alfred assists Bruce Wayne in his fight against Gotham’s criminal underbelly. Before Batman Begins, Alfred’s role in the Batman flicks was limited to being there to give Bruce advise. However, in Christopher Nolan’s adaptation, Alfred is thrust into the middle of the action, making him Batman’s closest ally. He comes from a military family, and he helps Bruce gain resources, even putting himself in danger to save Bruce.

Alfred also gives Bruce a lot of advise in Batman Begins. Sir Michael Caine is a legendary actor, and his performance in the film has a strong emotional impact on the audience. He truly cares for Bruce and is concerned about what Batman will do to him in the short and long run. When Bruce believes he has let Gotham down, Alfred simply says: “Why are we collapsing, sir? So that we can learn to get back up.” Alfred is just as vital to Bruce as Batman, as Caine’s sympathetic portrayal demonstrates.

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